Show your support to Brent & Elizabeth by donating to CVSA.

Show your support to Brent & Elizabeth by donating to CVSA. image


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Our reason "WHY".....

In the time period before they were both diagnosed, both Elizabeth and Brent were told that they had other stomach problems, such as IBS, and even worse a brain tumor and psychological issues.

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome has had a major impact not only on Elizabeth and Brent but also on their families. Elizabeth ended up delivering her son prematurely due to the trauma from the recurrent episodes. Brent’s Mom, Maria, had to take a lot of time off work due to Brent missing so much school that in the end she ended up homeschooling him. Brent loved playing hockey, he even had scouts looking at him, but then he began having CVS episodes which ended his hockey for a while.

Brent & Elizabeth have both been fortunate to find ways to help reduce the frequency and severity of their episodes.

More than anything Brent & Elizabeth would like their supporters to know that CVS is a real medical illness and that there is NO CURE, you can only treat your symptoms. Unfortunately, to this day, some doctors still don't believe that this is a real illness.

Maria began this auction to get together with people and spread the word about CVS and to raise money for a cure. We do the auction, so people understand what CVS is.

Maria recalls that at the first auction she had materials out to educate people and some of Brent’s friends parents came up to her and said “wow this is a horrible disease and it’s real. They said they didn’t know it was that bad”

Please help Elizabeth, Brent & Maria raise awareness and funds to further the research into finding a cure for CVS.